Maui No Ka 'Oi Soccer Tournament



The tournament is open to all USYSA, SAY, MYSL and AYSO teams, as well as all international FIFA-affiliated teams. The tournament is conducted by the youth soccer. The tournament is supported by its registration fees and by private contributions.


All games are conducted under the rules set out in the latest version of the USSF Laws of the Game with the following change: Charging of the goalkeeper is not permitted. The Laws of the Game must be read together with the following specific tournament rules and regulations:



All United States players must be registered either with USYSA, MYSL, SAY, or AYSO. All international players must be registered with their national association. Other teams will be admitted upon special application.

Age Divisions:

Division 1

Under 19 years of age

Division 2

Under 16 years of age

Division 3

Under 14 years of age

Division 4

Under 12 years of age

Division 5

Under 10 years of age

C. All players will required to present player passes and appropriate travel form at the tournament check in on June 11, 2019, and prior to every game. All players must also be prepared to present adequate proof of birth at the time of registration, if required. USYSA, MYSO, SAY, and AYSO players must use the player passes issued by their respective national organizations. All players on the team must have player passes from the same national organization, i.e. USYSA only, MYSL only, SAY only, or AYSO only. Tournament Director has the right to make exceptions (ie., AYSO roster may be used instead of passes.)


The tournament will be responsible for all field arrangements, including preparation of the field, supply of goal nets and comer flags, and cleanup of the fields.


A. The maximum number of players on a team roster shall be 22, in the U14-19 age group. Under 10 teams shall play seven-a-side games on smaller size field. Under 12 teams shall roster no more than 15 players and will play 9 v 9. A player can double roster, maximum of 5 double-rostered players on the team, and maximum of 7 guest players on the team.

B. A minimum of 7 players must be on the field at all times during a game, except for the Under-10 division which will be six (6) players.

C. The first team listed on the schedule shall change jerseys when there is a color conflict in uniforms. Teams are encouraged to bring a spare set of uniforms, i.e. tank tops or vests, with a contrasting jersey color. All uniforms must have an appropriate jersey number, except the goal keeper.

D. Teams shall remain on same side of the field of play. Parents and spectators shall remain on the opposite side of the field from the players.

E. Only four (4) coaches are allowed on the touchlines. They shall remain on their own side of the field and are restricted to an area ten (10) yards from either side of the halfway line and two (2) yards away from the touchline.

F. Only players and coaches are allowed on the field. All others must sit in the bleachers, where available, and away from the field of play. At other fields, spectators shall remain at least three (3) yards away from the touchlines and ten (10) yards away from the area behind the goal lines.

G. Each player on the team shall wear a shirt with a different number and may not exchange it with another player for the duration of the tournament.


Coaches shall at all times encourage clean competition and good sportsmanship. Coaches shall participate in positive coaching that instructs and encourages players during games. Negative comments and complaints about the referees, players, opposing coaches, or team support will not be permitted.

Coaches must have a small first-aid kit with them at all times. The kit should contain small bandages, cold packs and disposable gloves.

Coaches shall have an adequate supply of water or other liquid refreshments with them at all times.


All referees shall wear a complete USSF/FIFA approved uniform during all referee assignments.

B. Referees shall at all times impose and comply with the FIFA Laws of the Game.

C. If at all possible, No referee or assistant referee may be assigned to a game being played by any team with which the referee or linesmen have an affiliation or association.

D. The referee must forward properly complete and signed line-up cards to the Referee Assignor at the completion of each match.

E. Referees must file a formal written report for abusive language used by coaches, players or spectators toward them, and of any behavior, which interfered with the conduct of the game. The Maui No Ka Oi Tournament requires good sportsmanship from every player, coach, parent and spectator. No Negative Comments will be made to referees or opposing teams' players at any time during the tournament. Referees Are Mandated to order any player or coach to leave the field immediately if he or she harasses or allows the harassment of a referee or opposing player. Coaches are expected to keep their parents and spectators from getting out of control. If the offending player, coach, parent or other spectator refuses to leave immediately, the match will be suspended until the person/s leaves. Teams who offend multiple times may be ejected from the tournament, subject to review by the Tournament Committee. Referees' decisions are final and fully supported by the Tournament Committee.

F. See Section 10 for reporting requirements on cautions, ejections and coaches' misconduct.


A. All games will be played on fields designated by the Tournament Director.

Size of balls:

Div 1 (U-19); Div 2 (U-16); Div 3(U-14)

Size 5

Div 4 (U-12); Div 5 (U-10)

Size 4

C. The referee's acceptance of the game ball is final and may not be questioned.

D. Duration of games:

Div 1 (U-19)

Two (2) 45-minute halves*

Div 2 (U-16)

Two (2) 40-minute halves*

Div 3(U-14)

Two (2) 35-minute halves*

Div 4 (U-12)

Two (2) 30-minute halves*

Div 5 (U-10)

Two (2) 25-minute halves*

*The Tournament Director may shorten the time of any game.

E. Games shall be played as scheduled (there is NO valid excuse for late or non-appearance). Only the referee in charge of the game, with the concurrence of the Tournament Director, has the authority to cancel any game. The game referee will allow a grace period of five (5) minutes maximum from the scheduled kick off time before canceling any game. When games previously in progress are running later than 5 minutes from the scheduled kick off time, no grace period will be allowed.

F. In the event games are postponed because of weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, the Tournament Director shall reschedule the games at the earliest possible date and time.

G. Failure of a team to be ready at kick off time shall constitute forfeiture and that team shall lose by a score of 1-0.

H. Substitutions will be allowed on goal kicks by team, injury on either team, goal on either team, halftime, throw-in on either team's possession, free kicks, and corner kicks by either team.


A. In order to promote good sportsmanship, this tournament has adopted a Sportsmanship Rating Standard. Individual awards will be given for the team in each age division achieving the highest sportsmanship rating and the rating will also be used as one of the criteria to determine tiebreakers.

B. At the conclusion of each game the referee will make the sportsmanship rating. The Sportsmanship Rating Standards are found in the last section of these rules/regulations. All games count for the Sportsmanship Rating. In the event of forfeiture, the winning team shall receive the maximum number of sportsmanship points and the losing team shall receive no points.

* Teams are encouraged to provide refreshments and snacks to the referee and assistant referees at half time and at the conclusion of the game.

C. Teams are encouraged to bring pins, patches and other souvenirs to trade with and/or to give as gifts to other teams and the referees.


A. The format differs depending upon the number of teams in each age division. A "pool play" format where the winners of each of the pools advance to a single elimination play off to determine the tournament champion for each age division or a preliminary round with the top four (4) teams in the division advancing to championship play are most likely to be used.

B. If in the opinion of the tournament Director there are an insufficient number of teams registered in either Division 1 or 2, then games may be scheduled between teams in those age divisions. Standings will be kept by age division.

C. Points are awarded for all games as follows:





1 POINT FOR A GOAL (Max 3 points/3 goals)

D. Ties at the end of regulation play will be recorded as such except in the championship round.

E. If there is a tie in points at the end of pool play or among the teams qualifying for the championship round in non-pool play, then the tie will be decided by using the following tie breakers in the order in which they are listed:

​1st Tie Breaker

Head to Head Play-

The team that wins when the two (2) teams meet will advance. If still tied or if the teams did not meet, then

2nd Tie Breaker

Goal Differential-

Total goals scored less goals allowed with a maximum of three (3) per game. If still tied, then

3rd Tie Breaker

Goals Against-

Total amount of goals scored against team throughout the tournament. If still tied, then

4th Tie Breaker

Fair Play Rating-

The team that achieved the highest average sportsmanship rating. If still tied, then

5th Tie Breaker

Coin Toss-

Tournament Director to toss coin


A. In case of a tie at the end of regulation time, two (2) OVERTIME periods shall be played. If a team is playing short because of ejections, that team will continue to play short during the overtime periods.

B. During the overtime, substitution is allowed during any stoppage in play. Players must be recognized by the referee before entering the playing field.

C. Length of overtime periods:

Div 1 (U-19); Div 2 (U-16)

Two 15-minute periods

Div 3(U-14); Div 4 (U-12)

Two 10-minute periods

Div 5 (U-10)

Two 8-minute periods

D. In the case of a tie following the two (2) OVERTIME periods, the winner shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game. Only players on the field at the end of the overtime can participate.


A. All cautions and ejections must be reported to the Referee Assignor immediately after the game by the game referee.

B. The minimum penalty for a player or a coach who is ejected from a game shall be a one (1) game suspension for the next following games. The Tournament Disciplinary Committee shall review each such ejection and may impose other penalties in its absolute discretion, including suspension from the tournament.

C. Any player or coach receiving three (3) cautions during the course of the tournament shall receive a one (1) game suspension from the next game. This includes the championship round.


Protests are allowed to the Protest committee. All protests must be made within one (1) hour of the incident/ruling being protested or appealed. In addition, the Protest Committee will require a deposit of two hundred dollars ($200).

The Tournament director, the Referee Assignor, or their designated representatives shall be permanent members of the Protest Committee.


A. If a team uses a player deemed to be ineligible, that team shall forfeit all games in which that player participated.

B. The Tournament Director may disqualify any team at any point in the tournament if that team refuses to abide by the Tournament Rules and Regulations.


There will be two (2) First Response Fire Fighters on duty for duration of the tournament. Any injury to a participant, or damage caused by a participant, must be reported to the Tournament Director. All injuries are treated at local medical facilities at the sole cost of the injured player or coach of their health plan insurer.


A full refund will be issued if the tournament is canceled and cannot be rescheduled. If a team withdraws from the tournament 30 days prior to the tournament, a full refund is given. If withdrawal is less than 30 days, no refund required unless a replacement team is found. If the tournament is cancelled a full refund to all teams less expenses for trophies, pins or T-shirts etc. will be distributed to the teams.


The Tournament Director will decide upon any situation or subject not covered by the aforementioned Rules.



The Coach will receive a 1st place award. Players will receive medals.


The Coach will receive a 2nd place award. Players will receive medals.


The team in each age group, which compiles the highest number of sportsmanship points, will receive a Sportsmanship cup, medal or plaque.




1. The referee shall evaluate the conduct of the teams, players, coaches and supporters for each and every game. These evaluations will be made on the game card. The Tournament Staff will tabulate the evaluations.

2. The game referee shall rate the following criteria in the spaces provided on the reverse of each game card:

Cooperation of players

1-3 Points

Cooperation of coaches

1-3 Points

Cooperation of spectators

1-3 Points

Overall game conduct

1-3 Points

Uniform Appearance

1-3 Points

Courtesy Toward Referees

1-3 Points

Maximum points per game

18 Points

3. The average rating and starting point for every category is two (2) points. Referees must add or deduct points from a category if the team deviates from the normal standards of sportsmanship for the category. Referees shall use the following sportsmanship guidelines as indicated below:

Excellent (3 Points)

Nothing negative from players, coaches and/or supporters. Many positive expressions and displays of good sportsmanship-the applauding of good play by both sides, positive support of team mates, many friendly gestures, concern for injured team mates and opponents, positive cheering by coaches and supporters. Appreciation expressed to referees. Clean

play, great team work, players giving 100% effort. Uniforms clean, jerseys, shorts and socks

uniform, all shirts tucked in. Players and coaches show respect for referees during the game, offer drinks to officials at half time and after game, express thanks after the game.

Average (2 Points)

No more than minor concerns about conduct and attitudes. Some negative comments are noticeable. Players sometimes criticize teammates. Some uniforms dirty. Shirts not tucked in. Some disrespect toward referees by players, coaches and or supporters.

​Poor (1 Point)

Serious concerns about team's conduct and attitude. Excessive negatives from players, supporters, coaches, excessive fouls, verbal harassment of opponents. Negative comments are evident, dissent, complaints and baiting of opponents, dissent among teammates. Uniforms unclean and with non-uniform markings, shirts altered, jerseys, shorts and or socks not uniform, sliding pants showing, shirts not tucked in. Players and coaches challenge referee's authority.

Very Poor (0 Points)

Any Red Card or two (2) Yellow Cards in a game will result in no sportsmanship points for the team for that game.

4. A team that wins a game by forfeit shall be awarded the average number of pints received for all games played during the tournament. If a portion of a game is played before it is abandoned the referee may complete an evaluation report for the participating teams if the referee feels that enough of the game was played to permit a fair evaluation.

5. If the referee fails to submit the evaluation reports, each team shall be awarded the average number of points received for all games played during the tournament.

The game referee must complete and sign the rating form and return the game card to the Referee Assignor and Tournament Director.